Employment History

Eli A. Kelly

1316 Davis Street

Evanston, IL 60201





Employment History

Audio Director/Live Recording Engineer (since April  2004)                    Munckmix, Glencoe, IL

Record, mix and master live musical performances for online distribution. Organize and direct crew for recording festivals. Projects include Bruce Hornsby Live, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 2004, and Voodoo Music Festival 2004.   


Live Sound Engineer (since June 2003)                                           Stu Hirsch Orchestra, Riverwoods, IL

Operation and troubleshooting of live sound equipment for one of Chicago's premier “society” dance bands at some of the most exclusive venues including the the Palmer House and Navy Pier's Grand Ballroom.


Studio Installation Consultant/Technician (since June 2001)    EV Productions, Evanston, IL

Worked with the studio owners to design and implement a wiring plan that optimizes reliability, sound quality, and budget. Provide ongoing maintenance for their Trident Series 24 console.


Recording & Sound Specialist  (since November 2000)           Gand Music & Sound, Northfield, IL

Assisting customers with the selection of products that meet their technical and financial needs. Providing technical support. Promoted to assistant manager in November of 2004.


Live Sound Engineer (2000)                                                           Alan Kaye Orchestra, Lincolnwood, IL

Setup, operation, and troubleshooting of live sound equipment for one of Chicago's premier “society” dance bands.


Live Sound Engineer (1995-1997; June to November 2000)                         Mr. Myers Band, DeKalb, IL

Setup, operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of live sound equipment.


Recording  Intern (June-November  2000)                                                        CRC Studios, Chicago, IL

Assisted on recording sessions (music and post-production) and repaired equipment.


Digital Audio Editor (1995-Present)                                                                                            IL & TN

Utilizing advanced techniques of digital recording to assemble a finished master. Providing services including correction of pitch/timing errors, seamless assembly of takes, and drum replacement.


Staff Engineer (1995-1997)                                                                                                 NIU, DeKalb, IL

Setup and operation of audio recording equipment for concerts and recording sessions. Setup and operation of sound reinforcement equipment for concerts.



Education & Affiliations

Audio Engineering Society (2004)                                                                                     International

International organization dedicated to promoting excellence in audio engineering.


Middle Tennessee State University (1997-2000)                                                     Murfreesboro, TN

B.S. in Recording Technology.  Studied technology and techniques of recording, the history and trends of the recording industry and copyright law. Logged numerous hours in recording studios per degree requirements and student projects.


Northern Illinois University (1992-1997)                                                                          DeKalb, IL

103 hours toward B.M. in Trumpet Performance. Studied computer music and recording techniques. Performed in Orchestra, Wind Ensembles, and Jazz bands.



Technical Training & Experience         

Teaching Assistant for MIDI Classes (2000)                                           MTSU, Murfreesboro, TN

Assisted the professor with grading projects. Provided assistance to students during lab hours. On a few occasions, I was called upon to teach in the absence of the professor.


Multi-Track Recording (1998-2000)                                                             MTSU, Murfreesboro, TN

Individually logged more than 175 hours in state-of-the-art audio production studios.  Work included tracking on both analog and digital tapes, stereo and surround mixing, and tape machine alignment.


Pro Tools (1998-2000)                                                                                         MTSU, Murfreesboro, TN

Used advanced techniques of editing on Pro Tools TDM systems with the latest software versions.


Electronic Music (1998-2000)                                                                          MTSU, Murfreesboro, TN

Composed and realized songs using samplers, synthesizers, and sequencers.


Sound Design for Video (1998)                                                                       MTSU, Murfreesboro, TN

Constructed a soundtrack for an action sequence from a major motion picture through a 150 hour collaborative effort.  Used advanced techniques of creating and compiling sound effects, ADR, arranging EDL’s, and stem-based mixing to various stereo and surround formats.


Video Production (1998-2000)                                                                         MTSU, Murfreesboro, TN

Studied techniques of video and film production. Participated in video productions for television.


Musical Training (1983-1997)                                                                                                                 IL

Studied trumpet and voice throughout high school and college. Performed in many ensembles including St. Luke’s Choir of Men & Boys and Chicago Youth Symphony. Participated in tours of the United States, Britain, and Japan.